Vial Kits and other combinations (pre‑crimped / pre‑screwed)

While Vial Kits are a convenient packaging format of 100 vials and 100 caps, you can order pre‑sealed vial‑closure combinations (pre‑crimped / ​pre‑screwed) as well. Certificates of Conformity (CoC) can be requested for every vial or closure product.

Vial Kits and other combinations (pre-crimped / pre-screwed)

Vial Kits

Vial Kits are a convenient way to stock both components, vials and caps, in a stackable, drawer-like box. As always both items are required for an analysis, it is a handy and easy packing system. By opening and closing the drawer, vials and caps are protected against any contamination from the lab environment until they are finished.

Pre-sealed vial-closure combinations

Pre-sealed vial-closure combinations of any type are available as well. You can choose any type of vial with a closure of your choice and ask for your individual quotation for a pre-sealed (pre-screwed or pre-crimped) combination of these. Pre-sealed vials are often found in areas where it is critical to reduce the risk of contamination through the lab environment during consumption (TOC/VOC, trace analysis).

Pre-inserted, vial-insert combinations

For more convenience in handling pre-inserted, ready-to-use vial-insert combinations may also be ordered. This way you also avoid any contamination by manual assembly in the lab.

Vial Kits

  • Vials Kits are an excellent alternative to manage the ordering process of caps and vials with less administrative effort compared to the individual components.

Pre-sealed products

  • Pre-sealing is done in-house under strict hygienic conditions.