ICP & AA Consumables

Esslab supply glassware for both ICP-OES, ICP-MS and AA instrumentation as well as many other instrument consumables such as pump tubing and Skimmer/Sample cones. These are sourced from Precision Glassblowing who have been manufacturing specialist laboratory, and custom scientific glassware for over 35 years. Founded in 1982 by master glassblower Ken Petrie, Precision has continued to grow annually and now has a staff of over 20 glassblowers with a combined professional glassblowing experience of nearly 400 years and a new building to accommodate our increased staff and instrument capabilities.

Below are some of the key consumables we supply. Various options are available which are compatible with many of the major instrument manufacturers including Agilent, Perkin Elmer, Spectro, and Thermo. In most cases, these are OEM products and produced to the exact same specifications and tolerances as the branded equivalents. 

  • ICP torches
  • Spray Chambers
  • Nebulisers
  • Cones
  • Quartz tubes/ cells
  • Pump tubing
  • Sampler and Skimmer Cones