Solid phase extraction (SPE, Automated)

Automated SPE – CHROMABOND for reproducible results

Performing Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) manually can be time consuming and nerve-racking, especially when recovery and reproducibility are lacking due to sample variability. If SPE can be reliably automated, it becomes a much more efficient and reproducible process for high-throughput applications.


MACHEREY‑NAGEL produce special SPE columns already equipped with special caps and needles (cannulas) to be used in the SPE unit of the Gerstel MultiPurposeSampler (MPS), available in 1, 3 and 6 mL and columns for Gilson ASPEC systems are ready-to-use assembled with caps.

On-line SPE

MN also offers different on-line column configurations designed to fit your on-line SPE analysis needs and filled with a choice of different particle sizes and modifications:
Ready-to-use columns for online-SPE made of stainless steel in standard dimensions 20 x 2 mm and 20 x 4 mm packed with for example CHROMABOND HR-Xpert phases (15 µm particles) or with NUCLEODUR C18 ec, C8 ec, CN (20 µm particles).
On-line SPE is a powerful method in automated sample preparation where the SPE hardware is technically integrated into a HPLC system. Crude samples are placed in an autosampler and processed fully automatic prior to injection into a GC (MS) or LC (MS) system. These products are only on request available and do not belong to the webshop product portfolio.

Good to know

  • MACHEREY-NAGEL offers various solutions for automated solid phase extraction.
  • SPE can be automated for high-throughput applications.
  • 96-well plates are available for solid phase extraction (SPE) and for filtration.