Inorganic Ventures Custom Blends

Manufacturing and Testing of ISO 17034 Custom CRMs

Custom standards are Inorganic Ventures' specialty. Our catalogue reveals only a fraction of the inorganic reference materials we can prepare. More than two thirds of our business is devoted entirely to preparing custom standards. As the leading manufacturer of custom inorganic standards, we've produced tens of thousands of unique Blends for laboratories worldwide. It's our area of expertise, and perhaps the most prominent way in which we flex to your specs.

Remember, Your analytical data is only as good as the standards you use.

With the longest shelf life in the industry (up to 4 years), through our TCT packaging,
Inorganic Ventures are Fast.....Dependable.....Affordable

The preparation of single element inorganic concentrates is a precise and well documented procedure, supported by analytical and manufacturing design, which considers chemical stability and homogeneity, verified by dual analytical measurement to assign the highest level of accuracy.

The preparation of custom blends is not just a matter of simple gravimetric addition. When we receive a request for quotation our team of PhD led chemist assess the chemical stability of the requested elements in the suggested matrix. Further discussions are made with our Manufacturing (MFG) and Quality Control Teams are considered to assure a stable and homogeneous reference material.
Key points of concern include:
• The concentration of each element and compatibility
• Container properties (plastic vs. glass?)
• Matrix concentration and modifiers
• Order of addition

Whether you are using your custom blend as a standard, tuning solution or quality control material stability and homogeneity are equally important. The certified NIST traceable documentation supporting the CRM not only includes detailed information relative to impurities recorded at the ppm level but also provides unequivocal information relative to the assigned values from data generated from at least two independent assay methods verified through student T-Test Validation. This provides total confidence that these ISO 17024 Guide 34 Standards assure the highest confidence level in your work.