Arium water systems

Compact, Innovative Water Purification Systems

Our Arium® laboratory-grade water purification systems feature an inspiring, application-oriented design. They enable you to perform your workflows faster and more reliably, simplifying your daily lab work while ensuring cost-efficient operation over the long term. All instruments offer the ultimate flexibility, since they can be perfectly integrated into your laboratory environment and adapted to your requirements.

Ultrapure Water Systems

A wide range of modular-designed systems for producing Type I ultrapure water for chromatography etc,.

Arium pure water system
Pure Water Systems

Produce high-quality Type 2 water for buffer and media preparation with EDI technology and combined Bagtanks

reverse osmosis water system
Reverse Osmosis Pure Water Systems

Type 3 water for standard laboratory applications with a speed up to 24 L/hr

Arium® Smart Station in use
Arium® accessories

Get the most from the Arium system with these accessories