b.safe at collection of waste: Play it safe until the last step

Safe collection of harmful solvent waste as well as perfect protection from hazardous vapours and liquids and absolute control until non-hazardous collection of waste stand for b.safe.

The extraction and analysis have been successfully completed. However, lab experts cannot relax because at the end of every HPLC process, harmful solvent waste exists that increase the risk of fire and explosion and thus the health of the employees! The waste has to be collected in special vessels until their disposal without vapours and liquids being able to escape. A clear case for b.safe Exhaust Filters and b.safe Waste Caps that are equipped with all that is required for a safe and easy collection of waste.

b.safe Waste Caps are fixed tightly on the threads of the waste containers. Through the fittings, hose connectors and the practical distributor body, tubing and capillaries can be fixed without being disarranged. Thus, eluents come into the waste containers safely and not outside of them. A special activated carbon in the b.safe Exhaust Filters absorbs all solvent vapours in order to have only harmless air coming into the environment. Practical service life indicators guarantee full control on the permitted service life.

b.safe Waste Caps as well as b.safe Exhaust Filters offer well grip and can be easily and comfortably mounted. For quick processes, safe working conditions and lower costs for air purification in laboratories.