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Automated Sample Preparation
ePrep offers fully automated Sample Preparation for the Chromatography Laboratory
ESSLAB’s role in supporting laboratories’ analytical and regulatory challenges

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Nitrosamines: ESSLAB’s role in supporting laboratories’ analytical and regulatory challenges

Nitrosamines, a family of highly carcinogenic compounds, present substantial risks to both the environment and human health. They can contaminate water bodies, soil, and air through industrial activities and agricultural runoff, posing threats to ecosystems and human health through bioaccumulation ...

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Advancing PCB analysis

Advancing PCB analysis: The role of certified reference materials (CRM’s) and high quality chromatography consumables.

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s) pose a persistent threat to human health and the environment, necessitating robust analytical methods for accurate detection and characterisation. In the pursuit of precision, analysts rely on CRM’s and chromatography consumables to calibrate instruments, validate methods, and ensure accuracy of results.

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The power of bottle top dispensers

Revolutionise your lab efficiency with the BRAND® Dispensette® S – where precision, versatility, and safety converge for unparalleled performance.

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