Peristaltic pumps

The rotarus® pump family sees Hirschmann taking the leap into the world of continuous dispensing pumps. An universal product family is available with a selection of different motors, pump heads, varying housing protection classes and intelligent control of delivery volumes, covering a broad spectrum of application areas in the lab or industry. Hirschmann’s liquid handling competence is also evident in the sophisticated functions and innovative details of rotarus®.

A variety of 30 to 100 Watt class motors ensure precise delivery in speed ranges from 0.2 to 3,100 revolutions per minute. RFID technology is used to detect the pump head and tubes. This means that media with a high viscosity can also be accurately dispensed. RFID technology is used to detect the pump head. Configuration data for basic parameters can also be stored in this manner and retrieved at any time. The rotarus® flow, rotarus® volume and rotarus® fast models have automatic blockage detection and tube rupture monitoring.