Crimping and decapping tools

In order to facilitate selection of a suitable crimper according to your individual needs, we set up illustrated user profiles for the different types of crimper. The tool that corresponds most with your personal requirement profile, is from our point of view – the optimal crimping tool for your demand.

Good to know
  • Decapping tools don’t need any adjustments.
  • Don’t try to repair electronic crimpers on your own, as you risk your guarantee and safety issues!
  • Ask your sales contact for a demonstration of our electronic crimping tools.

Manual crimping tools

Standard version

The standard crimping tools are robust metal crimpers with blocky handles allowing to grab and press them at any position. They are height adjustable by a hexagon key that can move the inner part of the head up and down. Crimping pressure can be set by a screw in the handle and be fixated by a nut. Manual standard crimpers are available for crimp caps N 8, N 11, N13 and N 20 as well as for Flip Top / Flip Off caps N 13 and N 20.

Ergonomic version

The more lightweighted ergonomic crimpers with ergonomically designed handles are adjustable by a knob on the crimping head that is easily accessible and well visible. Crimp setting doesn’t need any further fixation. Another advantage to the standard crimpers is the activation by bottom handle motion only which allows a steadier and safer hold of the tool during crimping. Due to design and alignment of the crimping head a better vertical clearance over the vial is given. Two ergonomic crimping tools can be safely stored in crimper rack 735509 on the lab bench. Product line is limited to N 8, N 11 and N 20 crimping tools.

Electronic crimping tools

Customers with higher sample throughput can choose between either battery-powered electronic crimping tools or a stationary High Power crimping tool with fixed power supply and exchangeable crimping / decapping heads. All electronic crimping tools have a brushless motor (long life time), an OLED display and no serviceable parts. They are delivered with a CE certificate and have one year warranty.

Battery-powered electronic crimping tools

These mobile tools offer a higher consistency and reproducibility of crimp results than manual tools. Their crimping pressure is adjustable by the control unit on top of the tool (OLED display). They are powered by long lasting lithium ion cell batteries (full battery charge for several hundred vials, life time of battery > 1500 charges). During charging (approx. 1-2 hours) the tool still can be used. Except for replacement battery 735500 there are no serviceable parts. Various plug clips for charging in almost all countries come along with the tool and language selection in the OLED display supports international usage. For crimping and decapping one tool each is necessary. Battery-powered crimping tools are available for aluminium crimp caps N 11, N 13 and N 20 as well as for Flip Top / Flip Off caps N 13 and N 20. Two electronic crimping tools can be safely stored in crimper rack 735509 on the lab bench.

How to work with battery-powered, electronic crimping tools

If you would like to know how to handle battery-powered electronic crimping tools, please watch the implemented video. In an illustrative way it will show you operation, advantages and available accessories of these tools.

High Power crimping tools

Similar in handling, but equipped with a stronger, brushless motor and fixed power supply, our High Power crimping tool with exchangeable crimping and decapping heads is capable to crimp / decap crimp caps made of different materials. Exchangeable 11 mm, 13 mm and 20 mm crimping and decapping heads with quick release jaw sets need to be ordered separately. For more convenient handling a stand (735501) is optionally available. Like the battery-powered crimping tools the High Power crimping tools have an OLED display and no serviceable parts.