Filter photometers

Filter photometers – For mobile water analysis

The compact photometer PF‑3 is the smallest member of the MACHEREY‑NAGEL photometer family. The device completes our product portfolio and perfectly fits our tradition of reliability, user friendliness and innovation.

The instrument comes in multiple versions, equipped with three LEDs and interference filters, designed to meet the analysis requirements of specific applications. Together with the approved VISOCOLOR ECO test kits, brandnew VISOCOLOR Powder Pillows and high quality NANOCOLOR tube tests from MACHEREY‑NAGEL, the PF‑3 is perfectly suited for mobile analysis directly at the place of sampling.

Optionally, the device comes in a practical case with pre-equipped test kits, in a cardboard box or in an empty case for the individual combination with our VISOCOLOR ECO test kits.

Filter photometer


  • Intuitive operation with only four keys
  • Flat menu structure
  • Bright display for safe readings


  • Glass fiber reinforced housing for extreme durability
  • Water- and dustproof according to IP 68
  • Shock-resistant optics


  • Various case solutions including reagents
  • Additional parameters available f.o.c.
  • Compatible with VISOCOLOR ECO tests, VISOCOLOR Powder Pillows and NANOCOLOR tests

Small, strong, smart

The handy and compact design makes this lightweight the ideal companion for mobile analysis. Its simple operation allows measurements within seconds. Besides the measurement accuracy, simplicity and user friendliness are key features of all MACHEREY‑NAGEL devices. The interaction of context-sensitive icons and only four
buttons guarantees a smart, clear and language-independent operation.

Fast and reliable results

The centerpiece of the PF‑3 is its high-quality optic with the specially selected LEDs and corresponding interference filters. The unique “open slot” technology allows measurements without cuvette slot cover, thus emphasizing the high technical standard of the instrument. This yields into a simple and quick operation for the user, together with highly reliable results. MACHEREY‑NAGEL provides free PC software, for an even more comfortable operation. The software makes data management convenient, simple and efficient. Additionally it guarantees a forgery-proof data management.

Be prepared

The variable power supply is of particular convenience for the user and enables reliable measurements in all situations. Besides batteries and an accu-pack, the device can also be powered directly via an USB cable or a power adaptor.