HPLC Columns

Stainless steel HPLC columns for analytical or preparative applictions from MACHEREY‑NAGEL are a great choice for your daily labwork.

  • NUCLEOSIL HPLC phases have gained wide acceptance as routine chromatographic packings for very different fields of modern chromatography. It is one of the first spherical silicas used in HPLC and is an absolutely reliable choice for routine analyses.
  • NUCLEODUR as a state-of-the-art silica is the ideal base material for modern HPLC phases. It is the result of MACHEREY-NAGEL's pioneering research in chromatography for almost 50 years. NUCLEODUR HPLC columns with 1.8 µm particle size for increased separation efficiency are used for UHPLC applications.
  • Due to core-shell technology NUCLEOSHELL columns provide highly efficient separation results with a comparably lower back pressure to fully porous materials.

If you cannot find a product in the required column dimension on our website, please do not hesitate to send us an inquiry. We will often be able to offer you the required column dimension.

Column dimensions


  • Lengths: 50–300 mm
  • Inner diameters: 2–4.6 mm (6.5–7.8 mm for special columns)
  • Particle sizes: ≥ 3 µm (fully porous material), ≥ 2.7 µm (core-shell material)


  • Lengths: 50–250 mm
  • Inner diameters: 8–10 mm
  • Particle sizes: ≥ 3 µm (fully porous material)


  • Lengths: 30–150 mm
  • Inner diameters: 2–4.6 mm
  • Particle sizes: 1.8 µm / sub 2 µm (fully porous material)


  • Lengths: 50–250 mm
  • Inner diameters: ≥ 16 mm
  • Particle sizes: ≥ 5 µm (fully porous material)
EC analytical column hardware, NUCLEOSIL
EC analytical column hardware, NUCLEODUR + NUCLEOSHELL
VA column hardware (small ID)
VA column hardware (large ID)
VP preparative column hardware (small ID)
VP preparative column hardware (large ID)