ePrep Videos - Features and how-to guides

ePrep® The Ultimate Application Driven Workstation

The ePrep Sample Preparation Workstation excels at automation of sample preparation for small-to-medium batch sizes typically used in the chromatography laboratory. Rapid programming and modular configuration allows the ePrep to be setup and operational within minutes, even for the most complex Workflows. It takes around 15 minutes to develop and validate a Workflow from scratch, and far less if the Workflow has been previously developed and saved. The ePrep workstation can perform a wide range of sample preparation processes to maximise output accuracy and efficiency.

1. ePrep Workstation Introduction.

At a Glance: Benefits & Features of ePrep® Workstation

2. ePrep - Pipette to Robotic Syringes

Benefits Explained: Pipette to ePrep Robotic Syringes

3. ePrep - Introduction, Standards Prep

How to: Simple Workflow Creation with ePrep

4. ePrep Robotic Analytical Syringes

Features Explained: ePrep Analytical Syringe Capabilities

5. ePrep - Modular Deck

Features Explained: ePrep Modular Racks

6. ePrep - Workflow Creation for Calibration Standards

How to: Create Calibration Standards with ePrep

7. ePrep - Workflow Serial Dilution

How to: Conduct Serial Dilution with ePrep

8. ePrep - Workflow Sequential

How to: Create Sequential Processing Workflow with ePrep

9. ePrep - Tablet Software

Features Explained: Tablet Software

10. ePrep Accessories

Feature Explained: ePrep Accessories

11. ePrep - Batch workflow project

How to: Workflow Creation with ePrep

12. Internal Standard Workflow Project

How to: Workflow Creation by Analyst for Internal Standard

13. Using the ePrep Workstation (The Operator)

How to: Workflow Run by Lab Assistant for Internal Standard

14. ePrep - Detailed Product Overview

Feature Explained: ePrep Introduction

15. Extended Explanation of ePrep Software Tasks

Feature Explained: Software Tasks