Vial Inserts

Glass and plastic inserts for wide / small opening vials

Micro-inserts are used to reduce the volume of standard sample vials to a lower surface area, in order to offer the needle ideal conditions for sample withdrawal. They are available with different volumes depending on their design (flat bottom, conical, with polymer spring).

Product range

MACHEREY‑NAGEL offer single inserts for 1.5 mL wide and small opening vials as well as for the 4 mL screw neck vials. The inserts for the 1.5 mL vials can be supplied as single components, as a pre-inserted vial-insert combination, as firmly fused-in micro-vial or as firmly integrated glass inserts in plastic vials. Firmly integrated micro-inserts as a ready-to-use unit can easily and safely be filled due to the fixation of the insert and then directly be placed on the lab bench or in a tray/rack afterwards. Sample removal is safe for the needle due to the reliable centering of the micro-insert. Their contamination risk is lower in comparison to single inserts which still need manual assembly in the lab. Due to the protective plastic shell the PP/glass system is more robust than the glass-in-glass variant.

Various options

While buying inserts as single components offers the highest flexibility in choice, all other options stand out by their convenience as ready-to-use products. They are safer in handling than single inserts, as tricky insertion and pinpointed filling become obsolete. Single inserts for wide opening vials are available in glass, silanized glass and in plastic.

Advantage of inserts with polymer spring

Inserts with a polymer spring excellently center it by spreading apart the plastic feet against the glass walls of the vial. Furthermore the spring assists in removing the insert from the vial by pushing the insert up. This way it also supports the sealing of the insert´s rims by the septa.