QUANTOFIX – Semi‑quantitative test strips

QUANTOFIX test strips meet all requirements of a modern rapid test. The reactive pad’s color changes depending on concentration of an analyte. Evaluation is usually carried out visually by a comparison of reaction color with a multi‑stage color scale. Some strips can be evaluated automatically on QUANTOFIX Relax reflectometer.

QUANTOFIX test strips meet all requirements of a modern rapid test. The color of the reactive pad changes depending on the concentration of an analyte in the sample. The evaluation is usually carried out visually by a comparison of the reaction color with a multi-stage color scale.


  • Dip & Read
  • Results in seconds
  • Always ready for use


  • No calibration
  • No maintenance
  • No accessories


  • Desiccant in the stopper for optimal protection of the strips against humidity
  • Color chart confirmed with traceable standards
  • Automatic evaluation with QUANTOFIX Relax for safe documentation

Application of QUANTOFIX test strips

Dip in

Shake off


Read off

Easy analysis directly at the point of interest

Analytical professionals as well as occasional testers appreciate QUANTOFIX test strips for the fast and easy analysis directly at the point of interest. Often, these tests are used to quickly check whether important parameters are in the desired range. They deliver an immediate result and thus enable a fast response.

Complete mini-lab

QUANTOFIX tests are immediately ready‑to‑use. They do not require additional accessories. The test strips are intended for single use, maintenance or calibration are not required.

CE-mark for medical applications

Some QUANTOFIX test strips are tested and approved for medical applications and carry a CE-mark for medical products 93/42/EWG. They meet the special demands of health care professionals and ensure safe results in the medical field.

Quantitative, documented results with QUANTOFIX Relax

The strip reader QUANTOFIX Relax provides objective and quantitative results for many important parameters. Measurement data including time, date and sample ID are printed, stored and can be transmitted to an information system. This allows the rapid and reliable documentation of test results, which proved to be especially useful for QC departments.

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