Sample filtration

Ideal for GC, HPLC and UHPLC sample filtration:

Filtering a Sample through a Syringe Filter


By using our filtration products (syringe filters, filtration cartridges, 96-well plates) unwanted particles are removed which can otherwise cause contamination and clogging of sensitive instrumentation. So, filtering your samples leads to an increase of lifetime and less downtime of chromatographic columns and equipment as well as gives more consistent and reproducible results. Inside the filter products are membranes with hydrophilic or hydrophobic properties. For example the hydrophilic multipurpose PET membrane is suitable for polar as well as nonpolar solvents.

  • FINAPREP syringe filters Certified FinaPrep syringe filters are made using polypropylene medical grade housing with Luer Lock and Luer slip fittings in compliance with ISO 594-1. Each filter is sealed using an external ring insert to maintain the membrane integrity and best performance. FinaPrep syringe filters are colour coded for an easy identification.
  • MACHEREY‑NAGEL offers a wide selection of membranes in syringe filters. CHROMAFIL Xtra are syringe filters that are labeled for method validation and certification.
  • Filtration cartridges are supplied with regenerated cellulose, glass fiber, polytetrafluoroethylene, polyester (polyethylene terephthalate) as well as with polyvinylidene difluoride membrane in different pore sizes and cartridge volumes.
  • CHROMAFIL 96‑well polypropylene plates with different membrane types for simultaneous filtration of 96 samples are also available.
Chemical compatibility of CHROMAFIL membrane and housing material The chemical compatibility depends on several parameters such as time, pressure, temperature and concentration. In most cases, CHROMAFIL products will have only short contact with a solvent. In these cases they may be used despite of limited compatibility. For example, a PTFE filter with PP housing does not liberate any UV-detectable substances during filtration of 5 mL THF, although PP shows only limited resistance towards THF.

Materials used in CHROMAFIL products
  • MV = Cellulose mixed ester
  • CA = Cellulose acetate
  • RC = Regenerated cellulose
  • PA = Polyamide
  • PTFE = Polytetrafluoroethylene
  • H-PTFE = hydrophilized polytetrafluoroethylene
  • PVDF = Polyvinylidenedifluoride
  • PES = Polyethersulfone
  • PET = Polyester
  • GF = Glass fiber
  • IC = Special membrane for Ion chromatography
  • PP = Polypropylene (housing material)
Materials used in FinaPrep syringe filters
  • M.E. Cellulose
  • Cellulose Acetate
  • Regenerated Cellulose
  • Glass Microfibre (GMF)
  • PTFE
  • PTFE H
  • PVDF
  • PES (Polyethersulfone)
  • Polypropylene
  • Nylon
  • Polypropylene (housing material)
    FinaPrep chemical compatibility chart (PDF)