b.safe at extraction: Safety and efficiency from the beginning

Perfect protection from hazardous vapours, reduction of expensive solvent losses, guarantee of pure eluents and easy handling. Better b.safe.

HPLC challenges lab experts variously, especially through precise results, economic processes and high reliability at best protection from hazardous chemicals. Our solution are the new b.safe Caps being equipped with all that is important for safe, economic and easy solvent extraction.

b.safe Caps provide tight closure of the extraction flasks and safe extraction of eluents through the connected capillaries.

Hazardous solvent vapours cannot escape; mixing ratio stay constant and eluents are protected from environmental influences. Thus, the contamination of the mobile phase and downtimes in the analysis are outdated.

b.safe Caps offer high comfort through good grip and easy screwing without disarranging of capillaries. The results are precise and reliable analysis results, efficient processes and satisfied employees.