Flash Chromatography & LC Adsorbents

For decades Flash chromatography has been the tool for the preparative purification of compound mixtures in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. In chemistry labs glass columns have manually been packed with silica based adsorbents as stationary phase.

The purified compounds were eluted with suitable solvents under low pressure. However column packing is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

In order to speed up the whole purification process in chemistry labs MACHEREY-NAGEL offers ready-to-use prepacked polypropylene cartridges with high pressure stability. These can be used in combination with the common automated flash systems. The large portfolio of various CHROMABOND cartridges enables professionals to choose the cartridge which suits best the individual needs

CHROMABOND Flash cartridge portfolio – Complete program of ready‑to‑use flash cartridges for

  • Isco Companion and other Teledyne Isco CombiFlash systems
  • Biotage Isolera, Biotage FlashMaster or as stand-alone version for all pump / detector combinations, e.g., from Biotage, Büchi
  • Yamazen Smart Flash, Interchim puriFlash systems
  • Enhanced flexibility and reliable upscaling
  • All common RP and NP phases available on request
  • Adsorbent weights from 4 g up to 3000 g
  • Spherical and irregular silica available

Increased analytical safety

  • Organic solvent resistant, low bleed polypropylene cartridges, thick column walls, one piece body, optimized length-to-diameter ratio for high plate numbers and excellent separation efficiencies
  • Distribution of eluent stream via highly porous filter elements; larger cartridges (≥ 40 g) also contain a distribution plate for optimal flow geometry
  • Optimized polypropylene hardware for high pressure stability of up to 21 bar
  • High quality standard
  • All flash cartridges and adsorbents undergo comprehensive during- and after-production quality assurance measures to ensure that the products comply with the specification.
  • Tube material is made of pharmaceutical and food grade polypropylene