SPE columns

In order to get reliable results, you need a good sample preparation. The CHROMABOND solid phase extraction (SPE) columns help you to be successful in the laboratory. Our products enable you to clean‑up the sample and to enrich the analytes. This is how you achieve high quality results for your in analysis.

CHROMABOND SPE adsorbents are packed into various columns and cartridges.

 SPE columns (standard)

The CHROMABOND SPE columns are made of polypropylene (PP) with lowest content of extractables (plasticizers, stabilizers, …) offering blank value free results by usage of most common solvents. 

  • Housing shape: Open tubular with male Luer tip as exit. 

We offer SPE columns from 1 mL up to 150 mL volume filled with various filling quantities. The high quality CHROMABOND adsorbents are kept in place by chemically very inert polyethylene (PE) filter elements.

SPE columns made of glass

Also CHROMABOND SPE columns made of glass with chemically very inert glass fiber filter elements (nominal pore size 1 µm) are available in two different sizes (3 and 6 mL).

  • Housing shape: Open tubular with male Luer tip as exit.

SPE columns with large volume design

CHROMABOND LV columns are large volume PP columns with PE filter elements.

  • Funnel-shaped reservoir with 15 mL volume and Luer tip as exit.

Especially for clinical samples – the whole sample (e.g. urine, serum, blood) can be applied to the column in one step. Can be directly used in the Zymate lab robots of Zymark.

CHROMAFIX SPE cartridges

PP cartridges with PE filter elements in three different sizes with different adsorbent weights:

  • Small (0.4 mL)
  • Medium (0.8 mL)
  • Large (1.8 mL)

Offers alternative way of handling using positive pressure by syringes or peristaltic pumps. Especially suited for convenient solid phase extraction of small sample volumes.

  • Female Luer tip at the inlet, male Luer tip as exit.