FinaPrep Certified Syringe Filters

Certified FinaPrep syringe filters are made using polypropylene medical grade housing with Luer Lock and Luer slip fittings in compliance with ISO 594-1. Each filter is sealed using an external ring insert to maintain the membrane integrity and best performance. FinaPrep syringe filters are colour coded for an easy identification.

All syringe filters are manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001 and technical procedures and tested according international standards of ISO 17025.

Our manufacturing methods eliminate variable results through controlled manufacturing consistency batch to batch, and filter to filter. Samples and raw data of all syringe filter batches and membranes are stored during 5 years from production for reference.

FinaPrep Syringe filters are of high quality and their level of extractables is very low. The encapsulating process forces the sample to pass only through the membrane. They chemically resist a wide range of chemical products and solvents. FinaPrep filters avoid any leak or any contamination due to the use of high-quality materials.

Our filters are available in 3 sizes -  4mm, 13mm and 25mm diameter

Identification and Traceability

  • In addition to the colour code, every single FinaPrep Certified Syringe Filter is printed with the membrane type, pore size and batch number. This information makes them unique for traceability, GLP’s and validation purposes.

Certificate of Analysis

  • All filters are supplied with a Certificate of Quality batch to batch as guarantee of product performance and quality.
  • 100 % of the syringe filters are visually inspected following quality specifications
  • Each batch of filters is tested for external dimensions, Bubble Point, Burst Pressure, Filter Integrity, Water Flow Rate
  • UV Extractables and compliance with all technical procedures.
  • Manufacturing specifications and quality controls for release
  • Test are carried out by an independent laboratory
Download a sample CoA here.
To select the right membrane for sample and solvent filtration for chromatography, there are several important considerations:
  • The membrane and housing must be highly solvent resistant, since most chromatography solvents are aggressive and sometimes corrosive.
  • It should not have extractables because they can interfere with analytical results.
  • It should present a low protein binding for biological samples.
  • Size and amount of particulates in the sample
  • Special considerations if you need pre-filter
  • Special membrane for filtration of inorganic ions
Membrane Compatibility Chart (PDF)

Sample matrix with organic and/or water solvents: You can use: Nylon, Polypropylene, PVDF, PTFE, Hydrophilic PTFE, Regenerated Cellulose

Sample matrix with aqueous solutions: You can use: Cellulose Acetate, M.E. Cellulose, Polyethersulfone , Nitrocellulose

Sample matrix with peptides and proteins: You can use: Regenerated Cellulose, Acetate Cellulose, Polypropylene, PVDF, Polyethersulfone

Tissue Culture media Filtration: You can use: Regenerated Cellulose, Cellulose Acetate, Polyethersulfone, M.E Cellulose

Ion Chromatography Filtration: You can use: Certified Polyethersulfone

Samples matrix with excessive amount of particulates: You can use: Syringe filter with GF Pre-filter.

Membrane Compatibility Chart (PDF)