For analysts in the pharmaceutical industry tasked with maintaining proper pH meter calibration in accordance with USP <791>, Inorganic Ventures’ CRMs deliver confidence, control, and support.
Our pH buffers are NIST-traceable and manufactured and tested under ISO 17034 and ISO 17025 guidelines. Each standard is accompanied by a detailed Certificate of Analysis (CoA), displaying certified values for multiple temperatures. In addition, these solutions are formulated to meet USP <791> specifications* and are ready to use right out of the bottle.

pH Buffer Features:

  • NIST-traceable standards, certified within 5% of the nominal values and associated uncertainties of no more than 0.05 pH units.
  • Packaged in Transpiration Control Technology (TCT) which guarantees scientific integrity for up to 5-years from the date of manufacture.
  • Ready to use with no preparation required