Syringe Calibration

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Syringe Calibration

Performance test to verify the syringe meets manufacturers specification for accuracy. 

Fully documented and traceable to National Standards (NIST) of calibration.

Our syringes have been tested over 10 samples in accordance with manufacturers specification @80% of the nominal volume.

ISO 8655:2002

ISO 8655 calibration has been written specifically to define the requirements necessary to produce accurate and reliable calibrations, and re-calibrations of syringes, volumetric devices and other closely-related measurement equipment. It details the required methods, test conditions, test equipment, reporting requirements and includes requirements for reporting the required measurement uncertainty values. The standard provide specific detail with respect to the method by which volume may be determined by gravimetric measurements that have been assessed with a level of uncertainty based on the instrumentation which has been validated through traceability to international standards. It is the most critical ISO standard for calibrating piston-operated pipettes, burettes, diluters, dispensers and syringes.

Accredited Laboratories

There is a requirement for accredited laboratories to satisfy the demands of their accredited body to ensure that laboratory syringe calibration and performance testing is carried out according to internationally recognised standard operating procedures. providing traceability to all data generated. There is no demand that the testing laboratory has been accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).


The methods adopted by MicroLab Technologies Limited are fully supportive of the requirements of ISO8655:2002 – part 5 in the performance testing of Hamilton syringes and instruments.

All instrumentation and weights used in these procedures have fully documented calibration to international standards.

The requirements for equipment calibration and measurement of syringes, volumetric dispenser and diluters supportive of ISO/IEC 17025 are satisfied by MicroLab protocols and traceability through an unbroken chain of comparisons to international standards.

The documentation supportive of service maintenance and performance testing is fully documented and carried out by Hamilton trained personnel.