Discrete Analyser Reagents


Manufacturing Discrete Analyser reagents in-house is time-consuming, resource-intensive and has an increased risk of error. Inorganic Ventures now offer a high-quality range of ready-to-use Discrete Analyser Reagents, putting time back on your side.

Benefits of Inorganic Ventures’ ready-to-use reagents:

  • Save time and reduce errors
  • Consistent performance across lots
  • Accurate 6+ month shelf life and extensive stability testing
  • Offers method flexibility
  • Bottled in 500mL LDPE to avoid breakage during transit
  • Packaged in Transpiration Control Technology (TCT) to protect from light
  • Comprehensive CoA, including technical information, a calibration curve and raw absorbances data

View the range of ready-to-use Discrete Analyser reagents below, with more coming soon…