ESSLAB Pipetting Academy

ESSLAB’s popular CPD Accredited Pipetting Academy Workshops provide comprehensive training for the correct use of all types of hand-held pipettes - to ensure accuracy of results.

Pipetting Academy

Choose from the following modules that exactly match your training requirements:

Module 1 - Introduction to liquid handling best practice 

For participants new to pipetting

  • Includes an overview of all the different micropipettes, dispensers and tip options and their correct use for a wide range of applications.
  • Included is an in-depth session on how to avoid common errors in the use of pipettes, minimising the risk of RSI for the user, and contaminating or causing pipettes to lose calibration.
  • The module concludes with each participant taking a practical test calibrating a pipette using a 5 decimal place balance & Pipette Wizard data reduction software.

Module 2 - Advanced pipetting techniques

For experienced participants and those who have taken Module 1, including: 

  • How to select the correct type & volume of pipettes & tips for each application
  • How to accurately pipette "problem" liquids including viscous reagents, biological fluids, solvents & buffers, using forward pipetting, reverse pipetting & multi-dispensing techniques.
  •  Pipetting techniques and best practice in accordance with ISO 8655

This module concludes with a more challenging pipette calibration test than in Module 1 for all participants.

Module 3: Pipette maintenance: cleaning, calibration & servicing

For participants responsible for calibrating pipettes

  • Identifying the equipment required, including the correct balance (4 or 5 decimal place?), accessories & calibration software
  • Regulatory requirements: ISO 8655, ISO 17025, ISO 15189 & GxP
  • Creating an appropriate pipette maintenance Standard Operating Procedure including: service levels, pre-calibration and/or calibration, frequency, number of readings & volumes and appropriate performance specifications
  • Inspection & replacement, where necessary, of critical pipette parts, for all popular pipette makes, including: tip-holders, tip ejectors, o-rings/seals & pistons
  • If required, we can additionally include training modules on the calibration and use of Hamilton Dispenser Diluters and bottle-top dispensers.
Pipetting Academy Workshops are CPD Accredited, and all participants receive an individual certificate for their training record.

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