Sartorius balances - solutions for all your weighing needs

Experience high levels of accuracy and precision in analytical testing and quantitative analysis

Expertly designed for use in environmental, QA/QC, biopharma, R&D, clinical & university laboratories, Sartorius balances meet the highest standards of accuracy, reproducibility, regulatory compliance, speed, reliability and safety. In addition to delivering the best weighing results, advanced on-board software integrates them into your laboratory workflows to make your processes more efficient, reliable and ergonomic.

Featuring a wide range of balances for every application and budget, the world renowned Sartorius range has models for all your weighing applications, including:

  • High capacity balances - readability 0.1g - 1g
  • Precision balances - readability 0.01g - 0.001g
  • Analytical balances - readability 0.0001g
  • Semi-micro balances - readability 0.00001g
  • Micro balances - readability 0.000001g
  • Ultra-micro balances - readability 0.0000001g


Cubis® II: The new generation of modular premium balances

Cubis® II is a unique and completely configurable, high-performance range of balance hardware, software and accessories, customisable to exactly match your applications and regulatory compliance requirements.

Featuring the latest colour touch-screen user interfaces for easy process integration, data handling, data integrity and connectivity to deliver the highest levels of accuracy and precision.
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Cubis II
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Secura group

Secura®: Reliable and accurate weighing for regulated laboratories

Secura® features the latest weighing technology enabling more efficient workflows with its intuitive operation and advanced integrated applications, saving you valuable time.

Data security and transfer with a CAL audit trail is guaranteed using Plug and Play technology without the need for additional software.

isoCAL automatic internal calibration and real-time balance levelling monitoring ensures accurate results at all times. 
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Sartorius Entris® II: Best value in its class for basic weighing tasks

Offering unrivalled value at a budget price, this is the only balance in its class featuring isoCAL, LED touch-screen technology and 12 built-in applications.
Backed by almost 150 years of German engineering expertise, and available in 40 different models, you’ll easily find an Entris® II balance that exactly meets your specific weighing needs.
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