Hamilton 10 µL Neuros Syringe, 33 gauge, Point Style 4

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SKU: 65460-06

Hamilton Neuros syringe technology provides unprecedented functionality for controlled animal injections. The Neuros accurately dispenses volumes between 50 nL and 100 μL through an ultrafine needle. Developed specifically for neuroscience applications, the Neuros enables the delivery of microvolumes to an exact location while minimizing injection site damage.

Volume 10 µL
Syringe Type Gastight
Syringe Series 1700
Termination Neuros
Needle Small RN
Gauge 33 gauge
Point Style 4
Needle Length 0 - 20 mm adjustable
Fluid Path SST, borosilicate glass, PTFE
Autoclavable Yes
Gas Sterilizable Yes
Pressure 1000 psig (68.9 bar)
Maximum Temperature 115°C / 239°F
Minimum Temperature 10°C / 50°F
Barrel Inner Diameter 0.018 inches (0.460 mm)
Barrel Outer Diameter 0.260 inches (6.60 mm)
Needle Inner Diameter 0.004 inches (0.108 mm)
Needle Outer Diameter 0.008 inches (0.210 mm)
Std Needle Dead Volume 0.79 µL
Sales Quantity 1 syringe per pack