Hamilton 1725BFP 250 µL Syringe

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Hamilton 1725BFP 250 µL Syringe

For any syringe pump, the key to achieving the most accurate dispenses is eliminating all air from the fluid path. Traditional syringes trap approximately 50 µL of air between the tip of the syringe and the valve. For small syringes, this trapped air is the last to leave the syringe and the first to be drawn back in, making them difficult if not impossible to prime.

The Bubble Free Prime (BFP) syringe has a conical plunger tip that extends through the threaded termination and into the valve. The unique design of this Hamilton syringe pump expels the air from the syringe and valve decreasing the number of priming cycles required.


Needle Sold Separately Yes
Volume 250 µL
Syringe Type Gastight, Bubble Free Prime
Syringe Series 1700
Termination Bubble Free Prime™ (BFP, 5/16"-28)
Needle No Needle Available
Plunger Style X-Style
Fluid Path Borosilicate glass, PTFE, PFA
Autoclavable No
Gas Sterilizable Yes
Pressure 500 psig (34.5 bar)
Maximum Temperature 115°C / 239°F
Minimum Temperature 10°C / 50°F
Barrel Inner Diameter 0.091 inches (2.30 mm)
Barrel Outer Diameter 0.305 inches (7.75 mm)
Sales Quantity 1 syringe per pack
Plunger Tip Material PTFE