Elevating your ICP Washout for Precision Analysis!

Are you tired of battling sticky elements and struggling to maintain pristine ICP cleanliness between samples?

Say goodbye to those woes with ICP-TRUE-RINSE, the game-changing solution crafted by Inorganic Ventures to elevate your ICP experience.

Memory effects caused by sticky elements including: boron, mercury, molybdenum, strontium, and zinc can wreak havoc on precision, leading to unreliable readings. But fear not! ICP-TRUE-RINSE is here to rescue your analyses with its cutting-edge formula, meticulously developed to tackle these challenges head-on.

Inorganic Ventures’ ICP TRUE RINSE boasts a myriad of benefits:

🔹 Solution Matrix Optimization: Engineered to mobilize sticky elements effectively, our ready-to-use formulation, enriched with Thiourea, ensures consistent and dependable results, surpassing traditional HCl or HNO3 rinses.

🔹 Enhanced Washout Capability: Bid farewell to memory effects! ICP-TRUE-RINSE guarantees thorough washout of sticky elements, maintaining instrument performance and ensuring rapid, efficient, and consistent cleans between samples.

🔹 Flexible Rinse Strategies: Compatible with various rinse protocols, including switching valve and syringe drive systems, our solution offers versatility without the hassle of complex preparations, saving you valuable time and effort in the lab.

Inorganic Ventures is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that enhance analytical processes. With ICP-TRUE-RINSE, researchers, analysts, and laboratories can achieve unparalleled accuracy and reliability in their ICP analyses.

Experience the transformative power of ICP-TRUE-RINSE and take your ICP measurements to the highest level.

Available in 1L containers, ICP-TRUE-RINSE is made with the highest-purity starting materials and comes ready to use with all associated documentation.

Contact ESSLAB today to order your FREE 125ml sample and learn more about this groundbreaking solution and optimize your analytical workflow.


We've got the perfect washout solution to mitigate your struggles

Elevate your ICP experience with Inorganic Ventures!

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