ISO 8655:2022 A new challenge is imminent – so how compliant is your use of pipettes?

ISO 8655:2022 is the new international regulation for piston-operated volumetric apparatus, covering everything from pipette selection and pipetting techniques to user training requirements.

Realising credible analytical data is a challenge for all laboratories, but should we assume that it is valid just based on accreditation?


Decisions that affect health, welfare, manufacturing efficiency and quality are only as good as the information that they are based upon, and data is only as good as the people and processes that generate them. Laboratories performing quantitative and qualitative analyses follow protocols that have satisfied method validation. Accurate instrument calibration is the most important aspect of reliable data generation. Additionally, it is widely acknowledged that a significant factor affecting analytical precision and uncertainty is selection of the right equipment together with the competence and training of analysts.

If results are reported purely on assumptions that analytical data is accurate based on laboratories’ accreditation alone, this may not prove to be sound.

These issues have been addressed in the recent extension to ISO 8655:2022 which provides valuable user guidance regarding the selection of piston-operated volumetric apparatus (POVA) and best practice for use. This new document specifies requirements for user training and competence and introduces revised performance tolerances and testing methods of POVA to ensure fitness for its intended use.

As a result of many years practical experience working with a wide range of laboratories, we have noted that analysts are often able to realise a good level of pipetting and dispensing precision, however performance may be precisely inaccurate.

How can we Help?

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ESSLAB’s CPD accredited Pipetting Academy Workshops cover much more than the new requirements in ISO/DIS 8655 Parts 1-10, but also guidance on pipetting “challenging” liquids such as viscous & foaming liquids.

The workshop concludes with an often highly competitive pipetting test using a 5 decimal place balance and Pipette Wizard calibration software to find out who is the top performer in the lab. The winner receives a prize – and all participants receive a CPD accredited certificate.

Our range of Pipetting Academy workshops provide comprehensive training for all pipette users and for individuals responsible for regular pipette calibration. Workshops can be customised for all your applications, contact us now to find out more!

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