Residual Chlorine Snips

CRMs and RMs for Total and Free Residual Chlorine

Pipetting and cumbersome dilution schemes are impractical in certain water and wastewater testing situations, NSI Lab Solutions Chlorine Snips™ are the most convenient reference material for residual chlorine analysis on the market.

  • They require no pipets and no glassware other than the instrument cuvette to prepare.
  • Chlorine Snips™ are ideal for use at testing points remote from the fixed base laboratory.
  • To use a Snip™, simply open the tube with a pair of scissors and transfer its contents to your cuvette and bring to volume with reagent water. CRMs for residual free chlorine are packaged in flame sealed ampules.

Available at 6 different concentration levels and the dilution scheme for each to always be 1:1000.

Chlorine SnipsTM and chlorine CRMs are applicable to both drinking water and wastewater testing. NSI internal certification protocol includes both total and free residual chlorine with values for both documented on accompanying COA.