1000ug/mL TITANIUM 500mL

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1000ug/mL TITANIUM 500mL

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Location:  Group 4, Period 4
Atomic Weight:  47.867
Coordination Number:  6
Chemical Form in Solution:  Ti(F)6-2

Storage & Handling:  Keep tightly sealed when not in use. Store and use at 20 ± 4°C. Do not pipet from container. Do not return portions removed for pipetting to container.

Chemical Compatibility:  Soluble in concentrated HCl, HF, H3PO4, H2SO4, and HNO3. Avoid neutral to basic media. Unstable at ppm levels with metals that would pull F- away (i.e. - do not mix with Alkaline or Rare Earths or high levels of transition elements unless they are fluorinated). Stable with most inorganic anions with a tendency to hydrolyze forming the hydrated oxide in all dilute acids except HF.

Stability:  2-100 ppb levels stable (alone or mixed with all other metals) as the Ti(F)6-2 for months in 1% HNO3 / LDPE container. 1-10,000 ppm single element solutions as the Ti(F)6-2 chemically stable for years in 2-5% HNO3 / trace HF in an LDPE container.

Ti Containing Samples (Preparation & Solution):  Metal (soluble in H2O / HF CAUTION - powder reacts violently); Oxide - low temperature history anatase or rutile (dissolved by heating in 1:1:1 H2O / HF / H2SO4); Oxide - high temperature history {~ 800°C} brookite (fuse in Pt0 with K2S2O7); Ores (fuse in Pt0 with KF + K2S2O7 - no KF if silica not present); Organic Matrices (dry ash at 450°C in Pt0 and dissolve by heating with 1:1:1 H2O / HF / H2SO4 or fuse ash with pyrosulfate if oxide is as plastic pigment and likely in brookite crystalline form).

Atomic Spectroscopic Information:
Technique / Line Estimated D.L.* Order Type Interferences
ICP-OES 334.941 nm 0.0038/.000028 µg/mL 1 ion Nb, Ta, Cr, U
ICP-OES 336.121 nm 0.0053/.000034 µg/mL 1 ion W, Mo, Co
ICP-OES 323.452 nm 0.0054/.00092 µg/mL 1 ion Ce, Ar, Ni
ICP-MS 48 amu 14 ppt n/a M+ 32S16O, 32S14N, 14N16O18O, 14N17N2, 36Ar12C, 48Ca, [96X=2 (where X = Zr, Mo, Ru)]
*ICP-OES D.L.'s are given as radial / axial view

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    1000ug/mL TITANIUM 500mL

  • Matrix:

    2% v/v Nitric Acid /tr Hydrofluoric Acid

  • Starting Material:

    Ti metal

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Associated Certifications: ISO 17025


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