2% v/v HNO3 RINSE, 500mL

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2% v/v HNO3 RINSE, 500mL

Description/ Intended use

Memory effects, or carryover, can cause interferences within an analytical run. An acid rinse should be used periodically in order to eradicate this issue. This standard can also be used as a diluent in the preparation of standards where trace impurities are critical.

Memory Interferences result when isotopes of elements in a previous sample contribute to the signals measured in a new sample. Memory effects, or carryover, can result from sample deposition on the sampler and skimmer cones, as well as from the buildup of sample material in the plasma torch and spray chamber. The site where these effects occur is dependent on the element and can be minimized by flushing the system with a rinse blank between samples. The possibility of memory interferences should be recognized within an analytical run and suitable rinse times should be used to reduce them. The rinse times necessary for a particular element should be estimated prior to analysis.

Product Specifications

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  • Description:

    2% v/v HNO3 RINSE, 500mL

  • Matrix:

    2% v/v Nitric Acid

  • Dilution:


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Associated Certifications: ISO 17034 | ISO 17025


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Produced under ISO 17034
Assayed by validated wet chemical procedures
Assayed by validated ICP-OES procedures
Trace metallic impurities determined by ICP and ICP-MS

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