200.7WW QC STANDARD #2, 125mL

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200.7WW QC STANDARD #2, 125mL

Description/ Intended use

Quality Control Sample (QCS) - This standard should be used on a quarterly basis or as required to meet data-quality needs, verify the calibration standards and acceptable instrument performance.

Each laboratory using this method is required to operate a formal quality control program (QCP). The requirements of this program consist of an initial demonstration of laboratory performance, and subsequent analysis in each analysis batch of a Laboratory Reagent Blank, Laboratory Fortified Blank, Instrument Performance Check Standard, calibration check standards, Laboratory Fortified Sample Matrices (LFM) and either Field, Laboratory or LFM duplicate sample analyses. This section details the specific requirements for each of these QC parameters. The laboratory is required to maintain performance records that define the quality of the data that are generated.

With regards to the QCS, if the determined concentrations are not within ± 15% of the stated values, performance of the determinative step of the method is unacceptable. The source of the problem must be identified and corrected before either proceeding with the initial determination of MDLs or continuing with on-going analyses.

Product Specifications

  • Part #:


  • Description:

    200.7WW QC STANDARD #2, 125mL

  • Matrix:

    5% v/v Nitric Acid /tr Hydrofluoric Acid

  • Dilution:


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    • Analyte
    • µg/mL
    • Sb
    • 200
    • Mo
    • 100
    • SiO2
    • 500
    • Sn
    • 500
    • Ti
    • 100

Associated Certifications: ISO 17034 | ISO 17025


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