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Description/ Intended use

Internal Standard - Pure analyte(s) added to a sample, extract, or standard solution in known amount(s) and used to measure the relative responses of other method analytes that are components of the same sample or solution. The internal standard must be an analyte that is not a sample component.

Internal standards responses - The analyst is expected to monitor the responses from the internal standards throughout the sample set being analyzed. Ratios of the internal standards responses against each other should also be monitored routinely. This information may be used to detect potential problems caused by mass dependent drift, errors incurred in adding the internal standards or increases in the concentrations of individual internal standards caused by background contributions from the sample. The absolute response of any one internal standard must not deviate more than 60-125% of the original response in the calibration blank. If deviations greater than these are observed, flush the instrument with the rinse blank and monitor the responses in the calibration blank. If the responses of the internal standards are now within the limit, take a fresh aliquot of the sample, dilute by a further factor of two, add the internal standards and reanalyze. If after flushing the response of the internal standards in the calibration blank are out of limits, terminate the analysis and determine the cause of the drift. Possible causes of drift may be a partially blocked sampling cone or a change in the tuning condition of the instrument.

Product Specifications

  • Part #:


  • Description:

    200.8 INTERNAL STD SOLN, 500mL

  • Matrix:

    5% v/v Nitric Acid

  • Dilution:

    1:100 to 1:1000

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    • Analyte
    • µg/mL
    • Bi
    • 20
    • In
    • 20
    • Sc
    • 20
    • Tb
    • 20
    • Y
    • 20

Associated Certifications: ISO 17034 | ISO 17025


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Produced under ISO 17034
Assayed by validated wet chemical procedures
Assayed by validated ICP-OES procedures
Trace metallic impurities determined by ICP and ICP-MS

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