Hamilton ML-700 Dual Syringe Diluter

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Hamilton ML-700 Dual Syringe Diluter

The Hamilton Microlab® 700 is a highly precise syringe pump with a new generation touchscreen controller that brings a superior technological solution, interface designed to quickly and easily dilute and dispense fluids. This positive displacement system provides better than 99% accuracy, independent of a liquid’s viscosity, vapor pressure, and temperature. The inert fluid path minimises sample carryover and is compatible with harsh chemicals.

The 725-DIL model ships with the Concorde hand probe, universal valves, fill/dispense tubing, accessory holder, country-specific power cord.

Fill/Dispense tubing supplied will be based on the syringes (Sold Separately)

Do you require assistance with ML700 services? Find out about Instrument Servicing here.


ML700 Smart Liquid Handling Brochure

ML700 Advanced User Manual

ML700 Advanced & Premium User Manual

ML700 Lync Store Operation and API Manual

Advanced Controller Software


New utility menus
  • ■ Easy to access and human readable error log
  • ■ Audit Trail viewer
  • ■ Update software via internet
  • ■ Update software via USB flash drive / SD card
  • ■ Log Viewer: Logs can be opened with PDF viewer, directly on the controller screen
  • ■ Possibility to create a full encrypted system backup and device specific (protected to access only for a specific device)
  • ■ Restore function


Dry Weight Dilution 2.0
  • ■ Improved usability
  • ■ Save to favourites
  • ■ Support of many balance models (Mettler, Sartorius, Kern, Ohaus)


Cleaning features
  • ■ Cleaning reminder (time period-based)
  • ■ Cleaning reminder (cycle count based)
  • ■ Auto reset of reminder after cleaning


Maintenance features
  • ■ Error statistics
  • ■ Maintenance reminder (date-based)
  • ■ Maintenance warning (time period-based)


New Help Menu
  • ■ Send emails to customer support directly from device
  • ■ Read user manual directly from device
  • ■ Screen sharing (Remote control)
  • ■ Tutorial videos
  • ■ Easier understanding of the Microlab platform
    functionalities through the new help menu


New LyncStore 700 Menu (Premium Version only)
  • ■ Add LyncStore Account
  • ■ Sync Log files
  • ■ Sync Audit Trail
  • ■ Sync Custom Methods
  • ■ Sync Favourite Methods (created by means of the existing Wizards)
  • ■ Allow Remote Access

New Communication Menu

New LyncStore 700 Menu (Premium Version only)
  • ■ Manage WLAN
  • ■ Manage LAN
  • ■ Manage external devices & accessories

New GLP Menu

  • ■ Configure GMP/GLP complaint print content (Protocol Printer)

New Security Settings

  • ■ Multiple Administrator accounts
  • ■ Enable Audit Trail Dialogs (Parameter change must be justified)
  • ■ Enable PDF signatures
  • ■ Automatic sign out after X minutes
  • ■ Sign-in with RFID card