A View From the Bench: Key factors to consider when selecting analytical consumables

In our recent blog, "A View From the Bench," ESSLAB delved into the critical topic of why analysts should prioritise the quality of their analytical consumables. But, how can analysts judge if a manufacturer's products are truly "fit for purpose."

Manufacturers’ commitment to quality

ESSLAB’s stance is based on to what extent manufacturers really understand how all their products can significantly impact the analytical process. This goes far beyond merely having ISO 9001 accreditation. Take, for instance, a syringe filter designed to filter at 0.45µm, meeting all quality control criteria—on the surface, it seems fit for purpose. However, if the membrane material used has an adverse effect on the filtrate, sample integrity could be compromised.

Quality control of product design and manufacture

The meticulous quality control at Macherey-Nagel spans every stage, from sourcing raw materials to manufacturing and packaging. Each stage undergoes rigorous scrutiny to meet predefined quality benchmarks, minimising batch-to-batch variability and ensuring reliability in all products.

Before releasing products to market, Macherey-Nagel subjects their products to exhaustive testing and validation procedures. This includes performance assessments, durability tests, and validation against all relevant industry standards. Analysts can therefore depend upon consumables that have undergone thorough vetting, assuring accuracy and reliability.

Guaranteed traceability to international standards

Comprehensive records are retained for every batch of consumables, ensuring traceability back to sources. If an issue arises, this ensures rapid resolution, and maintains consistent batch-to-batch quality and is invaluable for analysts in regulatory compliance, record-keeping and tracking.

This commitment to quality control and adherence to international industry standards ensures the reliability of their consumables with instrument manufacturers’ systems. Compatibility with a wide range of instruments is ensured, enhancing the overall performance of the instruments they are meant to be used with.

Satisfied customer feedback

ESSLAB continue to have excellent feedback from analysts who have found that Macherey-Nagel's chromatography consumables have directly benefitted them with reliable products essential for accurate and dependable analytical workflows. Consistent performance significantly reduces variability in results, minimising the need for repeat analyses due to consumable-related issues. Confidence in data accuracy and reliability is increased, critical in regulated environments.

ESSLAB, your partners in science, will always place quality and value for money first in our support of delivering credible analytical data.

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