digiVOL® Digital Syringe

The digiVOL is a high performance handheld digital analytical syringe for aliquoting aqueous, organic and volatile liquids from 0.1μL to 10mL at pressure, with exceptional accuracy and precision.

Applications for digiVOL®

  • Routine Dispensing
    Low Volume LiquidsAccurate and precise (no parallax error) dispensing of liquids down to 0.2μL with accuracies better than 0.4% RSD. Capable of multi-step programming and storage of methods.
  • Dispensing Volatile Organics
    Dispense volatile organic liquids using gas tight analytical syringes directly into the output (cannot be achieved with air pipette systems). Suitable for hazardous and corrosive chemicals.
  • Sequenced Micro Reactions
    Repeatable micro steps controlling volume and flowrate. Suitable for protein digest work. Methods can be stored, copied and shared.
  • Standards Addition
    Accurate and precise small volumes of internal or surrogate standard(s) can be aliquoted into sample solutions before preparation.
  • Efficient Dilutions
    Accuracy and precision means sample preparation can be performed with smaller volumes of reagent and chemicals.
  • Reaction/Kinetic Studies
    Programmed volumes, flowrates, and timed pauses are useful for kinetic studies such as Trypsin digest through a μSPEed cartridge.
  • Derivatisation Reagent Addition
    Ability to use sealed vials to limit laboratory staff exposure to potentially hazardous materials. Add solvent, sample, and derivatisation reagents at small volumes.
  • Direct to Mass Spec
    Prepare sample and directly inject sample at constant flowrate into an MS without an additional syringe pump. digiVOL can be manipulated to position for MS inlet when used with a stand.
  • Filtration
    Use digiVOL’s pressure capabilities with disk filters or perform micro membrane separations on Protein, DNA, and RNA.
  • Hand-held Automated Delivery Biotechnology
    Suitable for applications such as: Cellular Injections, Research Drug Delivery Studies, Microinjections, and Cell Feeding.
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Smart Results

digiVOL provides expert accuracy and reproducibility every time. Build, validate, save methods so you can focus on the results.

Simple Operation

Use digiVOL’s semi-automated capabilities to build and execute sequenced multi-step methods for sample preparation operations. Simply program, save, and run methods through an intuitive touch screen controller.

Extensive Capabilities

digiVOL is packed with features to extend laboratory operation. These include interchangeable syringes, user preference settings, Wi-Fi connection, automated software updates, and in-built routines for preparing calibration standards.

Calibration Standards

Automatically calculate calibration standard concentrations and dilutions to make a multi-point calibration curve using digiVOL’s calibration standard module.

Applications at Pressure

digiVOL can operate at pressure, enabling it to be used for techniques such as microSPE, filtering, and membrane separations. This sets digiVOL apart and provides opportunity for integration of unique sample preparation protocols.


digiVOL and μSPEed Cartridges high resolution microSPE

A unique key capability of digiVOL is its ability to drive solvents at pressure, enabling the use of high resolution μSPEed cartridges for microSPE, fractionation and separation. μSPEed’s one-way valve gives elution in one direction and 3μm sorbent results in a clean, small volume, narrow band elution without solvent blow down.

digiVOL® Features

The digiVOL comes with a suite of features to enable accurate and adaptable use including:
  • Touch screen, APP style software, which is simple to program, adjust and run
  • Operation in handheld or hands-free stand mode with triggers for the Run, Start and Abort on both the Controller screen and handle
  • Chemical resistant polymer handle and controller case
  • Syringe interchange using the ePrep’s simple XCHANGE® technology
  • High-performance plunger drive motor capable of micron accurately positioning at pressure
  • Over Pressure Sensor with intelligent automatic adjustment to operational parameters
  • Available syringes; 2.4μL (plunger-in-needle), 50μL, 250μL, 1,25mL, 2.5mL and 5mL volumes

digiVOL® Operation

digiVOL® Control

digiVOL APP software is comprehensive:
  • Use the QUICK RUN function to quickly create and execute a basic process while preserving extreme precision and pressure made possible with digiVOL
  • Build, save, copy and run multistep methods for the selected syringe volume using the touchscreen
  • Control and adjust parameters with programmed variables for each step of the method including utilising μSPE processes
  • Create calibration standards using AI which automatically calculates calibration standard concentrations and dilutions to make a multi-point calibration curve and then executes the method
  • Calibrate the syringe using comprehensive single and multiple point regression calibration options
  • User access privileges to control Analyst vs Lab Assistant operation
  • Operational options to change syringe, re-zero plunger, and basic preferences on the Settings or Preferences menu. Settings also include time and date, brightness, sleep settings, sound levels, Wi-Fi connection, and updating software
  • Wi-Fi internet connectivity enables sharing of methods, data backup, automated software updates and feature additions

digiVOL® Videos - The Analytical Syringe with a Brain

Achieve unsurpassed precision and accuracy with our ultra-precise, semi-automated high force digital syringe

1. digiVOL Introduction.

At a Glance: Benefits & Features of digiVOL

2. Syringe calibration with the digiVOL

Improve accuracy and precision for more reliable results.

3. digiVOL - Analyst Method Creation

Standard method creation with digiVOL

4. Lab Assistant Running a Method with digiVOL

Example showing the steps required to run a method

5. digiVOL - Changing a Syringe

How to: digiVOL syringe replacement

6. digiVOL Target Calibration Standards

OEM reference standards and template creation


µSPEed® microSPE Cartridges (with valve)

An innovative new approach to SPE that goes beyond what can be achieved with conventional SPE cartridges. ePrep µSPEed cartridges achieve a much faster, ultra clean and more reproducible extraction. They also eliminate the need for solvent blowdown, delivering the extracted sample ready for direct chromatographic or MS injection.

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